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“I can’t say enough about Sandy and the Ascendant team. It’s nice to be in the hands of a true professional and master of his trade. It always is as smooth an experience as is possible.”

-Jason P., Owner

After having served in the industry of association and property management for the past 26-years and listening to board and general members alike, our founder decided it was time to set the bar for the local industry. In June of 2020 Ascendant Association & Property Management, L.L.C. was founded. Our founder felt it even more important after board members of several associations asked if he would consider managing their association. During those discussions a common theme became evident. One was that the owners or executives of the companies had over promised the board members. As those owners and executives faded from the scene managers would be assigned. Within six to twelve months the board would conclude the assigned manager was too distracted by the large number of accounts they had, under supported or too green for the myriad of issues their respective association was dealing with. When more than one of these board members shared that many in their community felt our founder “had set the bar” he felt compelled to resume assisting volunteer board members manage their associations. And, to train others to do the same.
What sets us apart?
What distinguishes Ascendant from most of our peers is our passion for supporting and enlightening board members as well as restoring properties to their original beauty. What also sets us apart from many is our great command in understanding precisely who the client is (association or property owner). And, our fiduciary duty to them.

We also assist a board or property owner with the planning and execution of their next big improvement or repair project by presenting them with well qualified construction project management firms and other professionals. These select companies carry insurance for General Liability as well as Errors and Omissions. And, list the respective client and management as Additional Insureds. One cannot understate the importance of construction project managers being properly insured.

When it comes to your property, we have you covered!
Whether your project involves the negative impact of concrete spalling or waterproofing, or a need to refresh the building exterior or interior with paint or carpet Ascendant will direct you to the proper professionals. The same is true for full replacement projects such as the buildings main electric panel, water supply and drain lines, roof, windows, foundation, seismic retrofit and more.

If construction defect or decades of deferred maintenance are the problem at your property Ascendant is here to connect you with the right professionals. We also aide a board with messaging to the members who are often being asked to pay a large special assessment. And, if the cost of the project requires securing of a loan, we are here to help a board and members with that process.

Lastly, we will promote the development and adoption of a long-term maintenance program that allows the association to be proactive instead of paying the high cost associated with deferred maintenance.

Please ask what Ascendant might do for you.

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