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Construction & Project Management

Like many in the business of reconstruction or project management we handle all size and manner of loss and projects. Whether the task is to oversee the dry out, cleanup, restoration and claim resolution of a loss resulting from a failed angle stop, a large water or fire loss that impacted the common area and many units, we are here to help you navigate the process. The same can be said for reconstruction or restoration projects such as a building wide window replacement, painting, new roof, replacing plumbing or electrical wiring, addressing concrete spalling, waterproofing, dry rot or something else. Whatever your need, Pinnacle is here for you.

What distinguishes Pinnacle from most of our peers is our expertise in identifying what failed. Once the source of a loss is determined we are able to identify which party was responsible to maintain that which failed or caused the loss through their action. When it comes to insurance, making these determinations quickly assures that the correct party and insurance company are put on notice of their responsibility to cover the loss. As we see it, we owe a fiduciary duty to our client to see that they and their insurer only pay for losses that are attributable to them. Unlike some management companies, we do not make our job easier by advising a board of directors, the property owner or their managers, that all losses are theirs. Our belief that we have a fiduciary duty to you means that we always tender claims to the responsible party and their carrier.

We are also here to help you with the planning and execution of your next big improvement or repair project. Such improvements might include upgrading the buildings main electric panel, supply or drain lines, issues with foundation or making a deep dive into the reserve study.
If construction defect or decades of deferred maintenance are the problem at your property, we are here to help you with the planning and execution of its deconstruction and restoration. Not only with the project but with answering questions of the membership who likely face a large special assessment. We can also guide the association through the loan process if the cost of repair or restoration necessitates such.

Insurance Claim Resolution

The principal of Pinnacle has more than twenty-years of experience working as both an Insurance Agent and a Claims Adjuster. This experience provides clients of Ascendant and other management firms with a distinct advantage in determining what failed which determines who is liable. Making such determinations quickly assures that the correct party and insurer are timely noticed of their liability. In hiring Ascendant you are able to engage the services of Pinnacle Reconstruction & Project Management. The importance of this is that both Ascendant and Pinnacle share a strong belief that the association, not others, are the client to whom we owe a fiduciary duty to see that the association is made financially whole. Whether by your insurer or by the party who was negligent and their insurance company. We see no reason that our mutual client should be saddled with losses caused by others.

As your advocate, Pinnacle will pursue the rightful party in order to protect the association from receiving significant increases in premium or deductible. And, from the risk of having their policy non-renewed or cancelled outright due to frequency or volume of claims. Through this approach we successfully collected more than $1,000,000 on behalf of associations in 2019 from the insurers of unit owners, tenants and vendors who had been deemed responsible for the underlying loss.

Property Damage from Water, Fire, or Smoke?

Through our sister company Pinnacle Reconstruction – Project Management, L.L.C., we can handle losses that range from minimal to substantial. Whether the task is to oversee the drying out, cleanup and restoration of real property after a loss resulting from a failing shower valve or angle stop located within a condo or apartment or a large loss affecting the common area and multiple units, the experts of Pinnacle will assist all stakeholders through the process.

Capital Improvement or Repair?

Are you looking to paint the building? Replace the water supply or drain lines? Address the effect of concrete spalling? Replace windows or roof? Makeover the hardscape or landscape? Refresh the interior of the building? Whatever the project be it capital improvement, repair or replacement, through Pinnacle Reconstruction – Project Management we will see you through the process.

Construction Defect (Pre or Post Settlement)?

Is your newer association aware of the strict timelines of SB800 or concerned about what might be a builder defect? Are you wanting to look into providing maximum protection for your association before any of the various timelines of SB800 run? Are you nearing settlement and need to feel certain that your association has advanced all possible claims? Has your association settled the defect claim and needs guidance prioritizing? Whatever your need our sister company Pinnacle Reconstruction can help.

Deferred Maintenance?

Does your property suffer from a failure to create a maintenance schedule or in the execution of one? Are you in need of assistance in creating a maintenance calendar? Was the management company responsible for this but seems overwhelmed or lacking in time or expertise? Let us lend support in this area or refer you to the appropriate professionals.
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